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Last updated April 4, 2019

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What is Contra Dancing?

Is it legal in Provo?

Do you remember having to do square dancing back in grade school?

Have you seen square dancers at the county fair?

Contra dancing is every good thing that you have heard about square dancing, with none of the bad things. We dance in longways sets like a Virginia Reel, but everybody gets to dance instead of just having one active couple. We dance to live music, teach all of the dances, and welcome newcomers. You can walk in off the street knowing nothing about contra dancing and still have a great time.

If it's outlawed in Provo, it must be fun!

Local Dances

April, 2019
6	Contra, Logan
20	Wasatch Contra, Salt Lake City
27	Contra, Salt Lake City
May, 2019
4	Contra, Logan
4	Rockport Old Church Contra
18	Wasatch Contra, Salt Lake City
25	Contra, Salt Lake City
June, 2019
15	Wasatch Contra, Salt Lake City
July, 2019
20	Wasatch Contra, Salt Lake City
August, 2019
17	Wasatch Contra, Salt Lake City
September, 2019
 7	Contra, Logan
21	Wasatch Contra, Salt Lake City
October, 2019
 5	Contra, Logan
12	Rockport Old Church Contra
19	Wasatch Contra, Salt Lake City
November, 2019
 2	Contra, Logan
16	Wasatch Contra, Salt Lake City
December, 2019
 7	Contra, Logan
21	Wasatch Contra, Salt Lake City

Special Events

Dance Locations and Times

Contra Dance, Salt Lake City, UT
First Unitarian Church, 569 South 1300 East
Music by Loose Shoes
Chief caller: Rob Snow (usually open mic)
Usually fourth Saturday of the month, September through May.
Beginner Classes 7:30 PM, Dancing 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Cost $5.00
Contact 801-328-4742
Wasatch Contras, Salt Lake City, UT
Garbett Center at the intersection of 200 West and Wall Street, Salt Lake City
Possibly also known as "The Old North Church" at 700 N 200 W in Salt Lake City
Park on 2nd West (east side only), Wall Street, or 7th North
Music by a variety of bands
Calling by various callers
Usually third Saturday of the month
Beginner Workshop 7:00 PM, Dancing 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Cost $8 General Admission, $5 Students (16-25), $3 Youth (7-15)
Contact: Brenda 801-232-2348
Contra Dance, Logan, UT
Whittier Community Center, 290 North 400 East Logan
Music by Leaping Lulu
Chief caller: Kay Forsyth
Usually first Saturday of the month.
Dancing 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Cost $7, $4 for children under 12
Contact: Kay Forsyth 435-232-2966
Contra Dance, Rockport, UT
Rockport Old Church, Wanship, UT
Music by Loose Shoes and the Rockport Dam Band
Calling by Rob Snow
Held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall (2019 dates: Saturday, May 4th and Saturday, October 12th)
Beginner Workshop 7:30 PM, Dancing 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Cost $5.00, Proceeds benefit Friends of Rockport Old Church
Contact Dani or Sharon for more information
Awesome wood floor in a beautifully restored historic building. All dances taught; no partner or experience needed. Located in the Old Church area of Rockport State Park (below the dam), exit 155 off I-80, Wanship, Utah. Sponsored by Friends of Rockport Old Church, Utah State Parks, and Loose Shoes.
Download May flyer (PDF)
Contra Dance, Moab, UT
Moab Arts and Recreation Center (the MARC), 111 E. 1st North, Moab
Music by the Moab Community Dance Band
Various callers, including our own
Usually third Saturday of the month.
Dancing 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM, instruction at 7:30 PM
Cost: We are non-profit and the admission charge is a donation to a worthy local charity of the month (such as the Food Bank, the Youth Garden Project,the Humane Society, etc).
Contact: Miriam Graham 516-376-8003
Contra Dance, Pocatello, Idaho
Pilgrim Hall, United Congregational Church
309 North Garfield Ave Pocatello
Music by a variety of bands
Calling by various callers
Usually second Saturday of the month, October through May.
Instruction for Beginners starts at 7:30pm
Dancing 8 PM - 11 PM
Cost $6.00 per person
Contacts: Sandy Wilbanks and Don Allen

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